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F.G.W - Tournament Rules

F.G.W - FIFA 08 – Tournement Rules

Game Version
Ø  FIFA 08 for PC
General Provisions
Ø  Tournement Method is 1 vs. 1
Ø  Game Mode : International and Club
Ø  Team formation and the Player substitutions can be change just for 3 times in the match.(during the 90 minutes)
Ø  Every player has to join with our Hamachi server and has to play online using the Direct IP method as mention here (

Game settings
Ø  You can not use update squads. If you did and some one report about you,we will disqualify you from the tournement
Ø  The teams and players abilities cannot be modified.
Ø  Game settings should be arrange before you start the game.Game settings will not be effect to the match result.Game result will be accepted even there were different game settings.
Ø  Competitors  may modify the devdata.dat file (pad incompatibility cases only)[If they used it to modify the game it will be also disqualification]

These Settings Must Be Adjust By You To Play The Tournament :
Change These By Going To FIFA 08 Games Settings, Note  If  You Didn’t  Adjust Following Settings  You Will Face Difficulties In The Game Play.
Ø  Difficulty Level = World Class
Ø  Goal Keeper Difficulty Level – World Class
Ø  Half Length = 6 minutes
Ø  Injuries = Off
Ø  Offside = ON
Ø  Bookings = ON
Ø  Radar = ON
Ø  Camera = Any
Ø  Time/Score Display = ON
Ø  Game Speed = Fast
Ø  Number of subs = 5
Ø  Player auto switching = As competitor wish *
Ø  Manual Cross = ON
Ø  Manual Through-ball = ON

The  Following Rules Must Not Be Violated :-
  • Scoring by a direct shot form the corners is not allowed.You have to pass it to the penalty area so you could Head it And Score A Goal.
  • Scoring a goal from your’s own half of the ground Is Not Allowed.
  • If a player changes his tactics, formation or line-up he has to kick the ball out of bounds after the changes so that his opponent is able to react.
  • It is Not Allowed To Make a Throw-in directly into the opponent's penalty area. If You do so Opponent Can Stop The Match and Can Inform It To the Organizers.(When It happens* If Score Level is Equal, Player Who Done The Forbidden move  Will loose the match by 3-0* )
Ex: LK vs MC*    :  1-1*
LK Done The Forbidden Move He will Loose The Match  by ( 1-4* )
·         It’s Not Allowed to Choose a Player* When Penalty Occurs, You Must Play That Penalty With The Player Given To You By The Game. 
·         It’ Allowed To Change Players When Corner, Free Kick Occurred( By Pressing Alt+E+UP AROW You Can Choose Players, To Take The Corner or the Free Kick)

  • In any case, a goal scored due to the use of a “forbidden move” shall not be counted.
  • Should a player persist in playing with forbidden moves, he may be disqualified from the tournament.
  • All complaints shall be deal with after the match has been completed ( For The Throw In Rule, You Can Stop The Match And Inform It Organizers)


If Disconnection Occurs, You Can Follow These Methods :
*If Both Player Like To Rematch .You Can Do So.
  • If one player does not like to reamtch,
v The current game (which one was playing when disconnection) time and score should be noted by the players.
v A new game should be created with both players selecting the same teams and lineups as they had previously.
v The new game will only be played until the remaining minutes from the previous game is complete.
(EX: If a disconnection occured at 70th  minute, the new game will only be played until the 20th  minute)

v If a player received a red card before the disconnection, it will count as a goal to the opponent.

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